AppliChrom ABOA StyDiViBe

AppliChrom ABOA-StyDiViBe columns:
Your advantage through our know how

  • Optimized for organic high resolution GPC-separations in THF, toluene, chloroform
  • Organic polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer base material of high porosity for high resolution
  • Low column bleeding for low detector noise
  • High purity for eliminating adsorptive effects and get pure GPC combined with high livetime
  • Large calibration ranges covering several decades by unique process of BPT-technology
  • Range of individual porosities that can be used single or in combination
  • GPC range of 100 – > 50Mio Da
  • Service application center for method screening available in Oranienburg (Germany)
  • From Oranienburg – the location where chromatography was discovered first by Prof. Runge in 1850

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