AppliChrom ABOA SuperOH-P

AppliChrom ABOA-SuperOH-P columns:
Your advantage through our know-how

  • Optimised for aqueous GPC/SEC-separations
  • Aqueous high hydrophilic polymeric base material
  • Low column bleeding for low detector noise
  • 7μ particle technology (standard) for high plate counts and high resolution
  • Large pore volume for high resolution
  • PH stable 2.5-1
  • Pressure stability 30-80bar (depending on pore size)
  • Temperature stability between 10-85°C
  • Individual pore sizes for individual molecular weight ranges
  • Multi-pore technology for a broad range of molecular sizes
  • Increased lifetime of GPC/SEC columns by combination of proprietary particle and packing technology
  • Service application center for method screening available in Oranienburg (Germany / Europe)

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