Bio Fuels

Concise Separations offers a variety of columns that have been used during different steps in processing and development of bio fuels.  We offer quick acid/sugar analysis columns as well as lead based columns to help identify all components in a sample.  Please note that we can custom make a column to best fit YOUR separation needs.

Popular Columns


  • Injection to injection, column to column Reproducibility
  • Industry Tested and Approved
  • Long Life
  • Robust with high efficiency
  • Variety of choices to BEST Dial in Your Separation
    • Bead size
    • Cross Linkage
    • Functionality
    • Column Dimension

Common Bio Fuel Analytes

Glucose, Ethanol, Cellobiose, Glycerol, Acetic Acid, Lactic Acid, Methanol, Arabinose, Xylitol, Xylose, Furfural, Acetaldehyde, Glutaric Acid, Propionic acid, Butyric acid, Butanol, Succinic, Maltose and Maltotriose

Selection Guide

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