Biotage® Initiator+

Fourth Generation Microwave Synthesizer

Biotage® Initiator+ represents the latest in microwave synthesis performance. This instrument’s high-end specifications enable the chemist to explore new areas and perform the latest of innovations in chemistry. A reliable and upgradeable platform that allows chemists to make great discoveries in less time.


Biotage® Initiator+ represents a new generation of synthesizer instruments for organic, medicinal, materials, nano and polymer chemistry professionals. It is an upgradeable and reliable platform allowing chemists to make great discoveries in less time.


Your Chemistry. Simpler.

Heating reactions to high temperatures and pressures of up to 300 °C and 30 bar opens new possibilities in chemical synthesis. Now there is ultimate flexibility in choosing a solvent: even low boiling point solvents can now be run at higher temperatures. Using “Regulate on pressure” enables the reaction to reach highest possible temperature during the run. A simpler process for delivering your chemistry.

Use of the system is simple too. The large touch screen display provides an easy-to-use experience from set-up to results. By using the Biotage Wizard, the user is guided through the set-up of experiments step-by-step. It also includes assistance in converting conventional conditions to microwave synthesis parameters. Load and run your samples using the touch screen for simple and intuitive navigation without the need for an external computer, keyboard or mouse. Results can be emailed directly to the user after a run, or downloaded through the USB port at the front of the instrument. Use four different vial sizes, from 0.2 to 20 mL, in any order or combination at any time, without system modifications, for greater flexibility and direct scale-up of milligrams to grams.

Upgrade from a Biotage® Initiator+ by connecting the Biotage® SP Wave peptide synthesis module and the Robot Eight kit to perform microwave assisted peptide synthesis with vortex mixing to ensure homogeneous heat distribution.

Being simple means that safety is taken care of as well. The reaction vessel is secured with a triple-tier safety lock to ensure maximum operator safety at all times. This in combination with high grade aluminum and a safe explosion box ensures maximum operator safety, even at high temperature and pressure. Safe. Simple.

Your Chemistry. Faster.

Most chemical reactions require heating, and typically can take several hours to complete. This is a major bottleneck to chemical synthesis. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. The Biotage Initiator+ microwave system allows reactions to be completed in a fraction of the time – so an average reaction that usually takes hours is over in minutes. How does it do this? By super-heating the reaction under pressure to greater than the solvent boiling point, driving reactions to completion in record time. Your chemistry, faster.

Press the large touch-screen and heat your organic reagents to 300 °C in just a few seconds. Biotage® Initiator+ does just that, and adds intelligent features that make innovation fast, reliable and safe.

The Initiator+ can be upgraded from a single-sample manual format to an automated 8- or 60-position system. The modular design allows a user to add on different automated sample processors dependent on throughput requirements, allowing sequential reactions to be programmed and performed in quick succession.

The 8-position sample bed gives the user a compact automation solution to start scale-up process and library build-up. The 8-position system is useful in a multi-user environment or for queuing multiple reactions. Flexible operation enables the use of both large and small vials in combination at any time and in any order without manual intervention.

The 60-position sample bed supports the production of focused libraries, multi-user environments and scale-out, and use of both large and small vials in any order without manual intervention.

In the modern laboratory speed is everything, and the Initiator+ helps you deliver.

Your Chemistry. Greener.

Reactions that by conventional heating methods take hours can now be achieved in minutes, greatly reducing the energy consumption and therefore green footprint of the chemistry. Direct heating of the sample and solvent through microwave absorption (as opposed to convention heating) also allows high concentrations of reactants to be used, reducing the solvent requirements and therefore the after-reaction waste.



Home  LOCATION     A laboratory fume hood with the capacity to handle leakage of solvents and provide suitable airflow to prevent the build-up of flammable vapors.

ambient temperature  AMBIENT TEMPERATURE      Operating Temperature: 18–32 °C Storage and transportation temperature: -25 °C to 60 °C

Humidity  HUMIDITY      20–95% RH (non-condensing).

Electrical Supply  ELECTRICAL SUPPLY      100–120, 220–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Connect only to a grounded outlet.

Max. Power Consumed  MAX POWER CONSUMED      1100 VA

Cooling  COOLING     Pressurized air supply  : >60 L/min (2.1 cubic feet/min), 2.5–4.0 bar (0.25–0.40 MPa; 36–58 psi)

Weight  WEIGHT      21 kg (48.5 lbs)

Dimensions 3D  DIMENSIONS     Footprint: (W x D) 365 x 422 (14.4″ x 16.6″) Height: 421 mm (16.6″)

max sound level  MAX SOUND LEVEL       70 dB(A)

Ethernet LAN  PORTS     Ethernet LAN port. Complies with IEEE 802.3 (ANSI 8802-3). USB port. Complies with USB 3.0

Touch Screen  INTERFACES     On-board computer with 10.4” diagonal touch screen interface. Archiving/back-up is done via USB. Printing is done via LAN.

Certification  CERTIFICATES     CE, CSA certified


Temperature Span  TEMPERATURE RANGE     40–300 °C

temperature increase     TEMPERATURE INCREASE     Typically 2–5 °C/sec depending on solvent and power applied

reaction volumes  REACTION TIME     Up to 96 hours. Typically, most reactions require 2–15 minutes of irradiation.

Pressure  PRESSURE RANGE     0–302 bar (3 MPa; 435 psi)

power range  POWER RANGE     0–400 W from magnetron at 2.45 GHz

Fraction Volume  REACTION VOLUMES    0.2–20 mL

organic-chemistry-icon  AGITATION     Variable magnetic stirrer (300–900 RPM)

sample processor  SAMPLE PROCESSOR     Upgradable with Robot Eight / Robot Sixty Processing capacity 8 vials / 60 vials Rack capacity (large) 2×2 vials / 2×12 vials Rack capacity (small) 2×4 vials/ 2×30 vials

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