Biotage® Metal Scavenging Screening Kits

Simple kits help deal with today’s impurity challenges and help you to find the best metal scavenger for your application

Biotage® Metal Scavenging Screening Toolkits enable quick and efficient identification of candidate metal scavengers for an application.  Containing our most popular metal scavengers, with protocols for screening and scale-up, whether working with batch stirring workflows or fixed bed formats, these all in one kits are the best starting place for the optimum result.

Part numbers

Part No. Description Pack Size
K-MS-3 Metal Scavenging Screening Kit – SPE 1
K-MS-2 Metal Scavenging Toolkit – Batch 1


Manual Read
CHEMICAL NAME     Various: MP-TMT, Si-TMT, Si-Thiol, Si-Trisamine, SCX-2

Organic Chemistry
RESIN TYPE     Bioanalytical grade silica or Macroporous Polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer

Sample Preparation
APPLICATION     Removal of Metal Impurities from organic reactions, APIs, natural products and waste streams. See specific product notes for details

TYPICAL SCAVENGING CONDITIONS     See Product Note for specific details


STORAGE     Cool, dry location

SHELF-LIFE / RETEST DATE     1-5 years (see specific product details)

GLP System Backup Restore
CAPACITY     0.-1.7 mmol/g (see product note for specific affinity guidance)

Swipe Sideways
PARTICLE SIZE     40-60 microns (silica), 150-355 microns (resin)

Load Capacity
BULK DENSITY     500g/L (resin), 700g /L (silica)