Biotage® Selekt Systems

Konfidence With a Capital ”K”

Purification is a fundamental step in drug discovery and, as pioneers of automated flash purification, Biotage is your ideal partner. Our core philosophies of Quality, Reliability and Environmentalism are drawn from our Swedish heritage and built into our products.


Flash chromatography is a tool to get you where you want to be: at the end of the synthesis of your new molecule. That is our goal at Biotage, to make Your Chemistry Better.

That is why we have designed a system which will save you time, solvent and will be fun to use. Not bad for being just a tool…


Your Chemistry. Simpler.

Selekt is a lean and compact automated flash system with two column channels, so you can run two separation in one instrument. You can also easily switch between normal and reverse phase, with the system automatically flushing the solvent lines for you.
The columns can be mounted on the side of the system or on the front, so you can fit up to three Biotage® Selekt systems in a standard fume hood to make the most of your space and maximize your productivity.
No waste of space, no waste of time and no loss of sample, as we pause fraction collection when moving from one tube to next. Did we mention that the beautiful user interface is also very easy to use? And that it comes with a 5-year warranty?

Your Chemistry. Faster.

Selekt has the smallest footprint among all the commercially available systems, but still has the higher pressure and flow rate, so equilibration and separation can be run in a flash (isn’t that the meaning?). When used with the Sfär columns, they are designed to tolerate the high pressure and their quality means less re-runs, higher efficiency. In a flash.

Your Chemistry. Greener.

We have created a system with high pressure and flow rate and combined with a new family of columns that tolerate high pressure and flow rate. The result is a system that suggests you the most efficient columns for your separation and allows you to equilibrate your columns as fast as possible to quickly bring you through your separation having used less silica, less solvent, less time. Isn’t that worth a try?

Laboratory scale applications

Biotage’s approach to laboratory scale applications using Selekt is built around speed, productivity and reduced environmental impact. This is achieved by the combination of Selekt with Sfär high-performance flash columns.

science chemistry classes with young student woman in labaratory-1

The Smallest Columns

Selekt makes use of the Sfär flash columns. These columns have very high loading capacity when compared to ‘traditional’ flash columns, achieved through the use of high-quality spherical silica. The result is that you can load the same amount of sample as you can on a traditional column onto a Sfär column half the size. A smaller column means reduced solvent consumption and more concentrated fractions with no loss in resolution, in a fraction of the time. Faster and greener!

Greatest Productivity

The Selekt system operates at the highest flow rates and pressures of any flash instrument. As a result Sfär columns can be run at very high flows without compromising separations – faster flows mean faster results. Also Sfär columns are equilibrated using a patented high pressure method, resulting is ultra fast equilibration and full wetting of the column for rapid, reproducible chrmatography.


LOCATION     A laboratory fume hood with the capacity to handle leakage of solvents and provide suitable airflow to prevent the build-up of flammable vapors.

AMBIENT TEMPERATURE     Operating: 15–32 °C (59–90 °F). Storage and transportation: -25–60 °C (-13–140 °F).

HUMIDITY     20–95% RH (non-condensing).

ALTITUDE     Operation: up to 2000 m above sea level.

POLLUTION DEGREE     The system shall be installed in a level 2 environment in accordance with EN 60664-1.

Electrical Supply
ELECTRICAL SUPPLY     100–127, 220–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Connect only to a grounded outlet.

FUSES     T4A-250 VAC, P/N 411916 (2 required).

Max. Power Consumed

Fluid Tube
FLUID PATH (WETTED) MATERIALS     The wetted parts of the system consist of stainless steel, FFKM, PEEK, PP, PE, FEP, PTFE, silica,carbon fiber filled PTFE, and fused silica, which are not affected by common chromatographic solvents.

WEIGHT     23–25 kg (50–54 lbs.) depending on the system configuration

Dimensions 3D
DIMENSIONS     Footprint: (W x D) 335/550 mm x 393 mm (13.2/21.7” x 15.5”). The width depends on using one or two collection trays. Height: 545 mm (21.5”) excluding secondary solvent containment.

Intuitive Software
INTERFACES     15.0” (1024 x 768 px) solvent stable TFT LCD touch screen.

GLP System Network Interface
PORTS     Ethernet port, 4 USB ports, 2 D-Sub 9-pin ports, and AUX port.

DATA ENTRY     Touchscreen or USB connection to mouse/keyboard.
Intuitive Software
SOFTWARE     UNIX based Java interface with full on-screen QWERTY keyboard.

CERTIFICATION     CE and FCC marked. CB and NRTL certified.


Column Volume

SOLVENT SUPPLY     A maximum of 4 x 5 liter reservoirs on the optional secondary solvent containment. Larger reservoirs than 5 liters must be placed elsewhere. Note: To be compliant with the secondary containment regulations, do not use containers larger than 4 liters.

Vial Size Compatibility
MAX NUMBER OF FRACTIONS     144 fractions with no rack change (288 with two collection trays) using 13 x 100 mm racks.

Fraction Volume
MAX TOTAL FRACTION VOLUME     3,840 mL with no rack change (7,680 mL with two collection trays), 480 mL bottle racks.

RACK TYPES     13 x 100 mm, 16 x 100 mm, 16 x 150 mm, 18 x 150 mm, 25 x 150 mm, 120 mL, 240 mL, and 480 mL.

INTERNAL DETECTOR WAVELENGTH     200–400 nm (UV) or 198–810 nm (UV-VIS). Amplitude range: 0 to 6400 mAU (Absorbance Units); accuracy of ±5 mAU.

Flow Rate
FLOW RATE RANGE     1–300 mL/min, in 1 mL/min increments.

PRESSURE RANGE     0–30 bar (0–3000 kPa; 0–435 psi).