Underwater Fluorometer with Miniature Spectrometer

The DIVING-PAM-II is the successor of the DIVING-PAM which has been proven as reliable and robust chlorophyll fluorometer for studying photosynthesis in and under water. To date, about 500 scientific papers containing measurements with DIVING-PAM have been published.

The DIVING-PAM-II continues the manifold tested design of its predeccessor, but it possesses significantly advanced data aquisition and instrument control by employing state-of-the-art optical and electronic components.

Measuring photosynthesis in beach rock biofilm, Heron Island, GBR, Australia. Photograph courtesy of Erik Trampe, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen.

In situ investigations of cyanobacterial photosynthesis using a Walz DIVING-PAM fluorometer has been released. The video was recorded during a research campaign in Greenland (2013) which was targeted to photosynthesis of algae on surfaces of submarine mineral formations (ikaide columns). This research campaign was sponsored in part by Walz.